PEMRA bans condom advertisements

Pakistan electronic media regulatory authority (PEMRA) has banned all advertisements of condoms on Pakistani media. First a reprimand of Udaari, and now this. How do you feel about it?

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چاند جیسی گوری بہو کی تلاش

بیٹا چاہے توے جیسا کالا ہو، لیکن بہو گوری ہونی چاہیے

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I want to be able to choose who I marry

The right to choose who you want to marry.  Why honor killing?  Why forced careers?  Why can’t people choose what they want their careers to be?

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Say NO to VIP protocol

It is time that Pakistan rejected any leader, or politician, who cannot walk among the people, like normal people. If they need to be protected, from the very people they claim to be leading, then we have no need for them.  It is a clear sign, that people don’t love them.  it is obvious, and they know, that people hate them, and are thirsty for their blood.

Imran Khan’s final political blunder

Thank you Imran Khan, for another major blunder.

On record, for weeks, I have been saying that this whole Panama Leaks, is a total waste of time. I even warned the opposition, that pursuing this could cause everyone a great loss. And now it has come true. Thanks to unintelligent, and wishful thinking of Mr. Imran Khan, he has strengthened Nawaz Sharif. PTI’s usual kamikaze politics have once again strengthened the status quo, and pushed Pakistan into deeper darkness. It is for this reason, that I wish PTI had never come into existence. PTI has made sure that Nawaz Sharif, and Zardari, remain best friends. And now, together, they will both continue to rape Pakistan.

Udaari – A show about sexual in families

Hum TVs show Udaari has been penalized by PEMRA for offensive content. My question is why doesn’t PEMRA stop the fashion shows, weddings, vulgar dances, and the overly offensive content on our morning shows, and plays? How come all the vulgarity is acceptable, but Udaari is not?
What did Udaari show, that has offended the regulators so much?

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A conversation with Ayesha Gilani

An in-depth conversation between Faisal Qureshi and Ayesha Gilani – Former Miss Pakistan World, and current Mrs. District of Columbia

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