How to protect yourself in the connected world
September 19, 2020

Internet gives you the opportunity to access the whole world. But it also allows the whole world to access you. Learn how to protect your privacy

Your email has been hacked. Someone has taken over your social media accounts. Your private pictures have been compromised. You are being blackamiled because someone stole your private pictures. Your ex-husband is using your private pictures to blackmail you.

The list just goes on.

But all this can be easily avoided, if you follow these easy tips.

Enable 2FA everywhere

2FA = Two Factor Authentication.

Once enabled, every time you log in to a service, you will have to enter a one time password (OTP), in addition to your login/password. This OTP can be generated by an app, on your phone, or it can be sent to your phone. So your mobile number becomes your secondary authenticator.

Secure your passwords

DO NOT use the same password for multiple sites.

Use complex, and long passwords. A good password is: qKe5WW*7YO53T!D0HegkQW50SycO

It is not humanly possible to remember such passwords. Use a password management app.

Use a secure email address

Use an unknown email ID for sensitive logins like banks, etc.

The email address you use for Facebook, and your regular mail, gets exposed to everyone. So anyone targeting you, will try to gain access to that email address, to access your bank accounts. Create secondary, illogical email address for sensitive work, like banks.

Example of a secondary email address would be:

DO NOT EVER share this email address with anyone.

Secure browsing

Access websites that are blocked by your ISP. Or if you want to go to a website and don’t want to be tracked. It is best practice to use a VPN. VPN services are paid, and can be quite expensive with a monthly charge. For simple usage, where you just want to protect your browser, please use Opera. It has a built-in free VPN service. On the desktop this service is available all the time. On mobile phones, you need to be in incognito mode, to use the VPN.

Leave no trace of your browser activity

Use a browser called Firefox Focus. It is available only for mobile phones. It automatically blocks all trackers. And it has a single button, which clicked, shuts down all your browser activity, and resets it to default. Best if you want to quickly hide whatever you were watching.


Never take a picture which shows your objectionable parts, along with your face, or any other identifiable unique features, like a tattoo, or a birth mark.

In fact – Never let a camera even see your face along with your naked body. Anything a mobile phone camera “sees”, has the chance of being transmitted somewhere. So whether you click or not, don’t let the camera even “SEE” it.

If anyone insists on you sharing an objectionable picture with your face in it, is not your friend. Under no circumstances should you trust anyone who makes this request. Get them out of your life.

Always remember – Today’s friends can be tomorrow’s enemies.


Stealth Chat

There are many chat apps, which allow stealth chat. You can set timers that automatically delete chats after a time. Some apps even hide the chat completely from your list. So even if someone looks at your chat list, any private chats will not even be listed.