I could never read books, and that includes academic books. This incapability, was probably why I didn’t do so well at school, among other unmentionable, and rather embarrassing, reasons (like laziness).

I know individuals who are always reading. Some of my friends even go to reading holidays. I know a couple who travel to exotic locations, just to lounge around, and read books. I envied such people who could continually consume the written word.

All my life I bought books hoping to read them one day. I even kept a few of them on my bedside table, thinking that would help me get started. As you can guess, it never happened. Luckily my life had a reading revolution in May 2016 – just before Ramadan.

Two things made me an avid reader:

1. I bought a Kindle

After buying paper books for decades, which I never read, I decided to order a Kindle, from Amazon. The moment I held the Paperwhite in my hand, I was a convert. The device invites you to read, and makes it a natural thing. Sadly, the Kindle E-reader is a horrible piece of technology, and the pleasure of owning one died within a few hours [Read about my Kindle E-reader experience]. Without a doubt, the Kindle had to go back, but before I could put it back in the box and return it to Amazon, the Kindle had done its magic. The E-reader made me realize that I too can read, like the people I had been envying – the only condition was that the book had to be glowing on a screen, instead of a bundle of paper. The Kindle was sent back, and my iPad mini resurrected. The otherwise useless iPad 1st Generation – 16GB, suddenly became my best friend. [Read – My Kindle Experience]

2. I needed answers about intermittent fasting

I had always wanted to understand the deeper spiritual, and scientific purpose of Ramadan and fasting. I didn’t think God wanted us to starve all day, unless there was a deep-rooted advantage in doing so. There had to be a bigger purpose of fasting every day, for a month every year. Something bigger than just worship, or a lesson in discipline. There had to be a more spiritual, and physical, advantage to gain from the month of Ramadan. A few weeks earlier, I had seen a blog post about intermittent fasting for curing cancer. Armed with my Kindle app [Why I ditched my Kindle Paperwhite], I started looking for books on the subject. What I discovered, made an everlasting impact on my life. My whole lifestyle changed. I now eat mostly fruits and vegetables – and every free moment of my time is spent reading.


Thanks to spending a couple of days with a Kindle Paperwhite E-reader, I have now become a compulsive reader, to the extent that I can’t go to sleep, at night, without reading for a while. Every free moment, I have, is used for reading. I almost always, carry my iPad mini with me.

So if you are having trouble getting into the reading habit, I would suggest setting up an electronic library. There are multiple platforms, and devices, that can get you going. I recommend the Kindle (Amazon) environment, and the Kindle app on any old iPad, or tablet. Apple’s iBooks are just as good, but restricts you to the Apple ecosystem. Kindle is platform neutral, and accessible from just about everything – iPhone, iPad, Android, Web browser, etc. [Read – My Kindle Experience].

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