There are two questions.

  1. Is the Kindle worth buying if I have an iPad, or an Android tablet?
  2. Is the Kindle worth buying, or should I just get an iPad, or an Android tablet?

Before I bad mouth the Kindle E-reader, I must thank the device for helping me get over my reading mental block. All my life I just couldn’t read books. I’m over 50 years old, and till last year, I had bought hundreds of books, but read no more than twenty – not including course books of course (which is another story). But the moment I held a Kindle E-reader in my hand, I was a convert. I no longer have the Kindle, for reasons explained below, but now every moment of my free time is used for reading books.



I bought a Kindle Paperwhite, for $100, which is their second cheapest model. Even though the convenience of electronic reading turned out to be addictive for me, the device itself can drive any sane person insane. Here is what I think.

1. Overpriced

A device which does nothing but read books from the Amazon store, should be priced FREE, at the very most. I’d even say, Amazon should pay people to carry this dedicated piece of hardware, which locks you in to buy books, and magazines, only from them. I understand that sounds unreasonable. Realistically speaking, a $99 Kindle should have come with a $100 store credit for e-books. Even at $0 I would find the Kindle Paperweight to be no more than a torture device.

2. Black and white screen

I understand this thing is built for reading books, and nothing else, but black and white is pure torture. The moment you use the Kindle app on even the cheapest Android tablet, you see the difference. Of course, the difference is because of the screen capability, but the cover sells the book, and a black and white cover is just repulsive.

3. Overpriced and no value for money

The next up Kindle E-reader model comes for $179, and the best one for $289. That’s a bit outrageous for something that only reads books? Has Amazon bothered to check the price for even a mid-level Android tablet? The value for money leaves you saying WTF. So, in my valuable opinion, it makes zero sense to buy a Kindle E-reader.

4. Painfully slow

Kindle Paperwhite is so slow, that you lose track of what you were reading by the time it flips a page. If you accidentally try to go back to the main menu, or do anything other than stare at the page you’re reading, time stands still, and your brain starts moving in slow motion. Yes, I am exagerating, but you know what I mean.

5. Weight

The only advantage an E-reader has over an iPad mini, or an Android tablet, is weight. Top of the line, $290 Kindle Oasis weighs 133g. iPad mini weighs around 300g.



Dont’ bother with any dedicated book readers. They’re nonsense. I have installed the Kindle app on my iPad mini 1st Generation with only 16GB memory. This device was otherwise useless for anything sensible, but works like a gem for reading books on the Kindle app. My wife is using a real cheap Asus Android tablet, which we had lying around, with the Kindle app, and even that is 1000 times better than the Kindle E-reader.


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