What is Paksitan's real problem
December 15, 2016

In my opinion, the only problem with Pakistan, is the collective egoic mind of Pakistanis in general.

As I grow older, and I see more of the world, it is clear as the sunshine, to me, that it would be a sin to be static. To be static in your life. In your station. In who you are. To be static in what you do. How can you be one thing, in such a vast lifetime?

The unconscious compulsion to enhance our identities, through various objects, is ingrained in our upbringing. A degree, number of meaningless A grades, senseless ranting in the name of intercollegiate debates, insulting each other in the name of comedy, generally hurling abuses in friendship, not stopping at red lights, not getting in a queue, getting married as the only purpose of life, seeing reproduction as the essence of life, bearing a son as the greatest achievement in life, etc. These are all creations of our egoic minds, which has been culturally trained to latch on to objects, for its definition.

We need these things in our daily life, to be able to satisfy the poison of our ego, to feed the monster in our mind, and to achieve supremacy over our family and friends. We are willing to sacrifice our own comfort, and the happiness of our children, for “what will people say”. Our ego doesn’t let us allow our children to choose who they want to be, or who they want to be with, because we want to impress the society, strangers.

In our quest to accumulate maximum number of objects, which requires wealth, we have made dishonesty, cheating, and crime, a way of life. Corruption, and law-breaking, is acceptable at any level, as long as you are making money, and buying expensive objects with it. No one cares where you got the money, as long as you’re carrying the most expensive handbag. People knowingly befriend criminals, take pictures with them and post them on facebook, as if it’s a matter of pride to be associated with those who are corrupt – and it works – it does bring them respect in this society.

Our moral, and social, fabric has been torn to pieces, by our collective egoic mind. We are so caught up in this vicious cycle, that I don’t see an escape from it.

Even scarier is the fact that when anyone tries to break away from his egoic mind, those around him will attack him. The egoic mind of those around him can not let him survive. They will insult him, make sure he doesn’t succeed. They will make every effort to break him down. They will bully him, laugh at him, and his family. Make it impossible for him to remain respectable, while making an honest day’s wage. So, even if someone tries to break free from the feeding frenzy of the collective national ego, she will be destroyed.

The only salvation is for those looking for a more conscious existence, to converge, and to stand together.

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