Why I keep deleting and restarting my website
December 13, 2016

Every few years, I start my website from scratch. Sometimes even I wonder, if that's smart. But when you think about it.

My web servers were hacked. I could have restored from backups,but I have chosen to start afresh. Clean slate. No baggage. A time for change.

I have lost my data many times before. The first time it happened, it felt like a great loss. My heart sank. But then I realized that it’s just data. Photographs and memories. Why hold on to them? So now, when I lose my data, I just start again. A disaster is nothing but a trigger to start afresh.

The things I said in the past, may be good for my website’s S.E.O., or to impress others, but they serve me no purpose. What was said then, was about what was happening then. But now is all that matters.

So here I am, starting again, with new thoughts, new words, and a new direction. It is also relevant to what I am now. It’s all about change. It’s all about reinventing yourself, based on changing environment, and one’s new learnings.That is what life is about – learning, changing – evolving.

I believe in music. I relate and learn from great songs. So expect to see a lot of talk about the songs that inspire me.

And once again, thank you very much to those who destroyed my websites. Not sure what satisfaction you got from it, but it did help me do some spring cleaning.

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