کیا ایک شوہر اپنی بیوی کے ساتھ جنسی زبردستی کرنے کا حق رکھتا ہے؟
کیا "ریپ" سے بچنا عورت کی اپنی ذمہ داری ہے؟ یا اس کو "ریپ" سے بچانا معاشرے کی زمہ داری؟
Karachi is flooded. Who is responsible? Everyone wants to fleece Karachi's wealth, but no one wants to fix Karachi.
After four years, Donald Trump's chaotic, confusing, and hillarous presidency is over. What does it mean for America, and the world.
Reboot - Catching up on the going ons
When online reviewers use review websites like tripadvisor and yelp, to blackmail businesses
When religion, and faith, are used as excuses to justify one's general hatred, and negativity
Why do some people think it's their moral duty to berate something or someone, that has nothing to do with them?
One of the toughest questions that can be asked in an interview. Or by someone you've just met at a meeting. But it doesn't have to be difficult
The glass is half full - looking at the bright side opportunity of covid-19 pandemic
It is a common notion that all men are sexually frustrated. Guliafshan Tariq - The famous 'Biker Girl', shares her experiences.
Every one gets this feeling at some point in their life. But if every one feels this way, then which one is the real A-Hole?
Are you looking for space in your relationship? Is your partner trying to break away? Is your marriage suffocating you?
One of the biggest reasons for broken homes, and destroyed relationships, is disputes with the in-laws - mothers-in-law in particular.
Breakups happen all the time. Relationships fail. And it is always the other person's fault. Or is it?
Divorces are still taboo in many cultures. People continue to stay in toxic relationships. Should you get a divorce?
You get sympathy if you're sad, or even talk to yourself, unhappily. But you'd be considered weird, or mad, if you laugh by yourself.
A very interesting conversation with Mr. Shaikh Muhammad Ali. Faisal makes a very candid, and bold analysis of Pakistan's problems
عامر یوسفی اور جواد کے ساتھ ایک اور عمدہ گفتگو