Bina and I have had some difficult days in our marriage. We even separated for a little while, to figure things out
Some say that 'trust' is the main foundation of a relationship. Yet, at times, trust is the most difficult thing to be found.
Every one gets this feeling at some point in their life. But if every one feels this way, then which one is the real A-Hole?
Are you looking for space in your relationship? Is your partner trying to break away? Is your marriage suffocating you?
One of the biggest reasons for broken homes, and destroyed relationships, is disputes with the in-laws - mothers-in-law in particular.
Breakups happen all the time. Relationships fail. And it is always the other person's fault. Or is it?
Divorces are still taboo in many cultures. People continue to stay in toxic relationships. Should you get a divorce?
عامر یوسفی اور جواد کے ساتھ ایک اور عمدہ گفتگو