Writing Every Day Will Make You a Better Person

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I’ve always had a burning desire to write, but I let life get in the way for years. In 2010, I bought the domain enableyourself.com to create a blog about tools for a better life, but I did nothing with it for 13 years. I made excuses and told myself I wasn’t ready or had nothing worthwhile to say.

The COVID-19 lockdown in 2020 and 2021 opened my eyes to the fact that life is too short to hold back on sharing what I know, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. It made me realize that I couldn’t keep putting my dream of sharing knowledge on hold.

Today, enableyourself.com is finally up and running, and my goal is to have at least 150 posts by the end of the year – almost one article a day. Though I’m already behind schedule, I’m not giving up. Every post I write is a step closer to achieving my dream, which keeps me going.

Writing every day has been a transformative experience for me. It’s not just about hitting a certain number of posts but about discovering new things about myself, being creative, and growing.

There are days when I sit down to write, and the words flow effortlessly from my mind to the keyboard. I feel on top of the world, accomplished, and proud of myself. And then there are other days when I struggle to write anything. It’s frustrating, and it feels like I’m failing myself and my commitment to my dream.

But I’ve learned that the days when it’s hardest to write are often the most rewarding. Pushing through the discomfort and the self-doubt is when I discover new ideas and insights that I would never have found otherwise. It’s those moments of growth and self-discovery that make it all worthwhile.

Even when I don’t get to write at least one post, I try to put my quick thoughts onto quote graphics and share them on Twitter and Instagram – on both my and enableyourself.com accounts. It’s a small but meaningful way to stay connected with my audience and share my message, even when I cannot write a whole article.

I invite you to join me on this journey. Follow my social media accounts and subscribe to my newsletter to stay updated on my progress. I promise to share everything I learn every step of the way. I also encourage you to write back to me through comments on the posts – that’s the only way I can learn more and grow. I value your thoughts and feedback, and I’m eager to know how my writing is helping you move forward.

Let’s share this journey and work to enable people to be better – to live better.

Connect with me on social media and let’s make something amazing together.

Faisal Qureshi

Enable Yourself

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